export management

Export Management Company (EMC) is an export intermediary that helps producers reach the target markets. An EMC bridges the gap between producers and the target market.

Export Development

In addition to handling all the procedures related to export of Iranian goods, Rah Abrisham Co. helps businesspersons and traders of CIS countries to participate in the international specialized trade shows of Iran as exhibitors or visitors in the form of trade delegations, to expand their business ties with Iranian companies


In order for buyers of CIS countries to receive purchased goods from Iran, Silk Road Economic Development Company, manages all the transportation processes by having a large, equipped and standard warehouse in Mashhad and being a member of the Export Services Association Since 2009.


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Afghanistan Market Needs

About half of Afghanistan’s imported goods are imported from Iran, and considering the devaluation of the Iranian currency (Rial), expanding exports is justified. However, benefiting from capacities to expand exports to Afghanistan requires a full understanding of the current needs of Afghanistan market in various sectors. In addition to agricultural products, food products, petrochemical products etc., Afghanistan needs technical and engineering services in order to develop industrial infrastructures. Rah Abrisham Market Research Team will provide you with the necessary and complete information on the current needs of Afghanistan market for goods and services in various sectors.

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